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Phenicoptere Sp. z o.o.

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makeup remover, glov, zbh bukareszt, romania, poland

Founded in 2012, GLOV was created as the antithesis to the traditional makeup remover.

Phenicoptere Sp. z o.o. became a creator of the category of makeup removers that work with water only and developed brand, which successfully gain the position of the world's leader in textile makeup remover category. GLOV is a complex skincare tool, that replaces up to 5 cosmetics (eye makeup remover, face make remover, micerall water, cleaning gel and cotton pads). With micro-fiber technology, it gently removes makeup with just water making for a quick and relaxing routine that leaves skin glowing and clean. Eliminating toxins from the process entirely, the GLOV micro-fiber technology removes makeup like a magnet when wet. The unique micro-fibers are one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and shaped like a star to grab and remove makeup without damaging skin.
Contact details:
Mr Marcin Żochowski
Export Specialist,
Phenicoptere Sp. z o.o.
Chocimska 14A/101 street, 00-791 Warsaw, Poland
tel (+48) 577 514 305


GLOV - company presentation
pdf | 71.18 MB