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ORLEN Południe SA

ORLEN Południe SA is one of Polish refineries and produces biofuels, biocomponents, paraffins, glycerin and solvents. Add : Anastasia Belous | 11.05.2020 biofuels, biocomponents, paraffins, glycerin, solvents, poland, romania

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We are a Polish porridge, muesli and granola producer. Add : Anastasia Belous | 21.04.2020 porridge, muesli, granola, poland, romania

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Domax sp. z o.o. is one of biggest manufacturers of DMX wood connectors in Europe. Add : Anastasia Belous | 01.04.2020 wood connectors, poland, romania, bucharest

artykuł nr 3 PL


We have been producent hard furniture for over 18 years. In offer we have: kitchens, wardrobes, offices, chests of drawers and many other furniture are available. Add : Anastasia Belous | 30.03.2020 furniture, poland, romania

artykuł nr 4 PL

Eurobrand Sp. z o.o.

Eurobrand was founded in 2013. We are a Polish company headquartered in Warsaw, our warehouse is located in Nysa. Our company is not only sweets, it is mainly people and their many years of experience. The whole team is guided primarily by compliance with the procedures in force. Add : Anastasia Belous | 16.12.2019 sweets, biscuits, cookies, croissant, jelly, poland, romania

artykuł nr 5 PL


TITBIT LLC carries out best tradition of CIN&CIN, a well known Polish producer of alcoholic beverages. Add : Anastasia Belous | 13.11.2019 alcohols, plum brandies, vodka, cider, fruit wines, poland, romania

artykuł nr 6 PL

Mutalo Group

Mutalo Group – an international company from Poland aiming to disrupt the energy drink markets in developing economies with its innovative product - KABISA Energy Drink. Add : Anna Woińska | 13.11.2019 energy drink, poland, romania

artykuł nr 7 PL


The PROKIT company deals in the purchase of raw bee propolis. Add : Anastasia Belous | 25.10.2019 bee, propolis, poland, romania

artykuł nr 8 PL


PHARMANN is a manufacturer of modern aesthetics products, dermo-cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. Add : Anastasia Belous | 14.10.2019 dermo-cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, poland, romania, bucharest

artykuł nr 9 PL

Partner-BIS Sp. o.o

Partner-BIS Sp. o.o is a Polish family company that has specialized in raw material supply for various industries in Poland and Central Europe for over 30 years. Add : Anastasia Belous | 12.09.2019 raw material, PVC/PET films, nonwovens, sun protection, poland, romania

artykuł nr 10 PL


IBIS − formerly Spomasz − is a Polish company with many years of experience in the production of machines and equipment for the bakery and pastry industries. We are looking for business partners – distributors of the machines in Romania. Add : Anastasia Belous | 05.09.2019 ovens, bowl tippers, planetary mixers, cream cookers, poland, romania

artykuł nr 11 PL

Fargotex Group

We have been specializing for many years in the distribution of upholstery, decorative textiles, and recently also carpets. Add : Anastasia Belous | 21.08.2019 decorative textiles, upholstery, carpets, poland, romania

artykuł nr 12 PL

Madej Wróbel – Dworakowski Group

Dworakowski Group consists of four production plants and is the leader in fresh and cured meats production and distribution in Poland. Through the 16 specialized distribution centers we cooperate with the largest Polish and European meat production plants. Add : Anastasia Belous | 01.08.2019 fresh meat, cured meat, poland, romania

artykuł nr 13 PL


Time is money - that's why we operate quickly and effectively. Within an hour we are able to collect your goods anywhere in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and deliver it to your destination within 24 hours. We also operate quickly in other directions. Add : Anastasia Belous | 13.09.2019 transport, delivery, logistics, poland, romania

artykuł nr 14 PL

NEWTRITION Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Newtrition company is the owner of feel FIT brand, which was launched in July 2018. Our mission is to deliver products that are not only healthy and of high quality, but also taste delicious. Add : Anastasia Belous | 09.07.2019 fit, healthy, bars, protein, snacks, poland, romania

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Style Home

furniture, poland, romania, bucharest Add : Anastasia Belous | 18.06.2019 We are Polish furniture manufacturers with 20 years’ experience.

artykuł nr 16 PL

Olimp Laboratories

Olimp Laboratories is a family company with 100% polish capital. The company is present on the market since 1990. Add : Anastasia Belous | 12.06.2019 sport nutritrion, pharmaceutical, supplements, health, beauty, poland, romania, bucharest

artykuł nr 17 PL


Open Management Education Center (OMEC) is an accredited training organization. Add : Anastasia Belous | 10.06.2019 training organization, poland, romania, bucharest

artykuł nr 18 PL


Lemigo is a family corporation, with a completely Polish capital. Within 29 years our company has had a huge success on the domestic market, as well as on the international arena, becoming one of the most appreciated producers. Add : Anastasia Belous | 17.05.2019 footwear

artykuł nr 19 PL


Imperoll company is manufacturer of roller blinds, pleated blinds, roman blinds, verticals, screens, awnings. Add : Anastasia Belous | 17.05.2019 roller blinds, pleated blinds, roman blinds, poland, romania

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