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The "Community Fair Play" Program in Poland

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Welcome to official page of the "Community Fair Play" Program

"Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location Program is affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and organised by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy which boasts many years' experience in promoting ethics and entrepreneurship among both investors and local authorities (as demonstrated by our training courses, conferences and studies, such as "Entrepreneurship Development in Rural Areas", "Investment Promotion in Municipalities", "Investment Strategies of the Communities", "Co-Operation between Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Authorities", etc.).

We would like to kindly inform you that the  11th edition of the “Community Fair Play” – Certified Investment Location programme has been concluded. 65 Polish communities were awarded the title and certificate of the “Community Fair Play” 2012. Successful cooperation with entrepreneurs may bring benefits for the community such as: increasing the number of workplaces, tax revenues; creation of new needed facilities. That’s why “Community Fair Play” - Certified Investment Location programme, awards communities which create the best conditions for investors and take care of the local society.

The project encourages communities to elaborate high standards of investor services and to integrate proper changes in their internal work.
We invite you to look at our website (English version - where you can find not only current information concerning the 12th edition of the “Community Fair Play” programme and its participants but also “The Real Estate Ready for Investment Catalogue -

The communities - winners of the 11th edition of the "Community Fair Play" are presented in the catalogue create friendly environment for investors. They provide highly qualified and competent personnel who would supply the investors with professional information and help during the whole investment process.

In The Real Estate Ready for Investment Catalogue” - we present the most important information about a given community also its location and strong points and some information about its potential investment areas. We hope that this catalogue will be of assistance to you. 

We would also like to encourage you to see the list of 15th edition of  "Business Fair Play" program laureates - In December 2012 the 15th edition of the programme ended. 524 firms applied for the certificate. 514 firms received the title and certificate "Business Fair Play" 2012. The winners of the programme are Polish firms of various sizes representing many different industrial branches.

Enterprises participating in the programme, respecting ethical values in their everyday activities, perform well in the market. This confirms the thesis that ethics and business can go together successful. Companies which were awarded the title "Business Fair Play" enjoy economic success, develop well, invest both in modern equipment and in human capital. In the long-term strategy, the reliability and fair attitude helps the company to stay in the market and to develop.

On our website you can find not only some information about program but also the  “Golden Book of Businesses Fair Play” -, which helps foreign entrepreneurs find potential business partners quickly, cheaply and easily.  

"Community Fair Play" and "Business Fair Play" programs are affiliated within the Polish Chamber of Commerce and are conducted by its Foundation “Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy”.

More information: "Business Fair Play" and “Community Fair Play” Programme Office4, Trębacka Str., 00-074 Warsaw
tel.: (48 22) 630 98 01-03, fax: (48 22) 826 25 96, (48 22) 434 60 49


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