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Welcome to Pisz, Poland

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Pisz in the south of Masurian Lake District and Piska Forest

Pisz is located in the south of Masurian Lake District and Piska Forest by the River Pisa. Through the city run national roads no. 58 and 64 and the railway line Olsztyn – Ełk. Pisz is an active commune, realizing a couple of projects, e.g. it is a leader of Polish-Lithuanian project “Neighbours actively supporting entrepreneurship” whose aim is to stimulate the cooperation between the entrepreneurs from both countries.


One of the main sectors which dominate in Pisz commune is the wood sector. In this trade operate such companies as Telmex and “Sklejka Pisz” Paged. Telmex produces furniture and furniture elements. Their products are popular among polish and foreign customers . Their biggest client is Swedish company IKEA SUPPLAY AG. “SKLEJKA-PISZ” PAGED is one of the biggest investors in Pisz Commune and the biggest manufacturer of plywood in Poland.

Apart from wood industry, tourism develops well which is connected with the location of Pisz Commune in the area of Masurian Lake District.


Pisz has prepared for the investors special incentives:

- One of them is the exemption from the real estate tax. The time of exemptions depends on how many new workplaces have been created and it might be valid for maximum 5 years.


- Another incentive is the opportunity to conduct business activity within Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone. Pisz subzone covers the area located nearby national road no. 58. This area was awarded in “The Golden Site 2005” competition by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency  for locations which are best prepared for industrial investments. It is important for the investors whether or not the investment areas are included into Special Economic Zone because it gives the right to obtain exemption from the income tax, even up to 70%. The exemption can be granted due to new investment or creation of new workplaces – the choice is made by the company itself.

Our investment offer is mainly targeted at the entrepreneurs from wood and agricultural sectors. However, the commune is open for every potential investor also from different trades.


All interested in investment offer of the Pisz commune should contact the Department of Real Estate Management in Municipal Office in Pisz, tel. +48 87 424 12 15 or visit our web page

More information about Warmia and Mazury:

(Warmia and Mazury Investor Assistance Centre.)

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